Introduction To Social Media Research

This is a self-paces beginner level online video course for individuals interested in Social Media Research. It is designed to teach you how to identify, locate, & gather information on a person online using the top social media platforms. Advanced search techniques are revealed using social media sites and top search engines.

Module 1 Social Media Research Fundamentals
Unit 1 Course Overview
Unit 2 Facebook Fundamentals
Unit 3 Twitter Fundamentals
Unit 4 Google Plus Fundamentals
Unit 5 YouTube Fundamentals
Unit 6 LinkedIn Fundamentals
Unit 7 Pinterest Fundamentals
Unit 8 Instagram Fundamentals
Unit 9 Tumblr Fundamentals
Unit 10 Fitness Community Platforms
Unit 11 Dating Sites
Module 2 Social Media Research Advanced Techniques
Unit 1 Advanced Search Techniques on Facebook
Unit 2 Advanced Search Techniques on Twitter
Unit 3 Advanced Search Techniques on YouTube
Unit 4 Advanced Search Techniques on Google Search
Unit 5 Locating People & Information on Fitness Sites
Unit 6 Locating People & Information on Dating Sites