Discover How To Find Someone Online Using Social Media Research!

Wish you could find someone from your past, but don't know how?

Have you been looking for a way to reconnect with an old college friend, or maybe a relative you have lost touch with? 

Perhaps you are searching online for love, but not sure if the person you meet is who they say they are.

Whatever the reason, there are simple and easy ways to use social media to find someone online.

The question is, where would you begin your search?  What information would you need to find them?  Well, it is much easier than you think. 

​Today, almost everyone is engaged socially online and leaving behind their "digital footprint".  They are sharing personal updates about their daily activities, hobbies and interests, relationships and connections, and even placed they have visited.  Much of this information is open for the World to see, but sometimes you have to do a little "digging" to find out more about someone.

No matter if you are searching for a friend, finding family, or looking for love, you will need the skills and knowledge to do it right.  This is your chance to learn how easy it is to use social media to find someone online.

Welcome to the GII Academy!

Take our Introduction to Social Media Research training course, and you will learn how to leverage social media platforms and other resources to find someone online that you're looking for.

The training is easy to follow and available anytime, anywhere.

What does the Introduction to Social Media Research course include?

Introduction to Social Media Research

This course is designed to teach anyone the basics of Social Media Research, as well as advanced search techniques.  If you are fairly new to using social media websites, this course is for you.  If you use social media sites, but what to learn how to unlock advanced search functions, this course is for you too.

You will be introduced to the top 10 social media sites and how they are used to find someone online.  Then, in Module 2, we cover the top 6 sites in more detail for locating people and information.  Here are some of the topics that are covered.

Module 1 - Social Media Research Fundamentals

    • Lesson 1 – Course Overview and Introduction
    • Lesson 2 – Facebook Fundamentals
    • Lesson 3 – Twitter Fundamentals
    • Lesson 4 – Google Plus Fundamentals
    • Lesson 5 – YouTube Fundamentals
    • Lesson 6 – LinkedIn Fundamentals
    • Lesson 7 – Pinterest Fundamentals
    • Lesson 8 – Instagram Fundamentals
    • Lesson 9 – Tumblr Fundamentals
    • Lesson 10 – Fitness Community Platforms
    • Lesson 11 – Dating Sites

Module 2 - Social Media Research Advanced Techniques

    • Lesson 1 – Advanced Search Techniques on Facebook
    • Lesson 2 – Advanced Search Techniques on Twitter
    • Lesson 3 – Advanced Search Techniques on YouTube
    • Lesson 4 – Advanced Search Techniques on Google Search
    • Lesson 5 – Locating People & Information on Fitness Sites
    • Lesson 6 – Locating People & Information on Dating Sites

Take the next step now so you can use social media to search a person online and find the information you need.

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