Social Media Research Investigator (SMRI)


Social Media Research Investigator (SMRI)


What you will Learn

  • You will learn how to investigate & gather information on the top social media platforms.
  • How to investigate fitness communities, social communities, and dating sites.
  • Advanced search techniques using search engines and applications.
  • Review the legal and ethical information of social media investigations
  • Overall, this is an entry level course for those getting started in social media research and investigations.
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This course is for beginners looking to become a Social Media Research Investigator.

Have you ever been interested in knowing how to search for people online using social media? Maybe you’re already experienced in social media, but looking to acquire certification to further your credentials and expertise for a job. Then this course is for you.

This is a self-paced online video course that you can do any time and anywhere. Once you have purchased the course, you will have UNLIMITED access to it and can go back and review any lesson as many times as you like. Plus, any updates that are added to the course will be included for free to make sure the content is always the latest information available.

By taking this certification course, you will learn how the experts utilize social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more to locate and identify people online. You will also learn advanced search techniques and methods using search engines and specific applications to collect intelligence on a person of interest. This course covers all of the top social media site and community platforms, defining how each one is used and what resources they can offer.

Even if you are not familiar with using all of the social media sites, you will be introduced to each one and we’ll cover the fundamentals on how they are used.

Here is a preview of the lessons that are included in the Social Media Research Investigator certification course:

Module 1 – Social Media Research Fundamentals

  • Lesson 1 – Course Overview and Introduction
  • Lesson 2 – Facebook Fundamentals 101
  • Lesson 3 – Twitter Fundamentals 101
  • Lesson 4 – Google Plus Fundamentals 101
  • Lesson 5 – YouTube Fundamentals 101
  • Lesson 6 – LinkedIn Fundamentals 101
  • Lesson 7 – Pinterest Fundamentals 101
  • Lesson 8 – Instagram Fundamentals 101
  • Lesson 9 – Tumblr Fundamentals 101
  • Lesson 10 – Social Community Platforms 101
  • Lesson 11 – Fitness Community Platforms 101
  • Lesson 12 – Dating Sites 101
  • Lesson 13 – Legal and Ethical Information
  • Lesson 14 – SMRI Fundamentals Review & Quiz

Module 2 – Social Media Research Advanced Techniques

  • Lesson 1 – Social Media Research Advanced Techniques Overview
  • Lesson 2 – Advanced Search Techniques on Facebook 201
  • Lesson 3 – Advanced Search Techniques on Twitter 201
  • Lesson 4 – Advanced Search Techniques on YouTube 201
  • Lesson 5 – Advanced Search Techniques on Instagram 201
  • Lesson 6 – Advanced Search Techniques on Google 201
  • Lesson 7 – Open Source Intelligence 201
  • Lesson 8 – Additional Search Engines 201
  • Lesson 9 – Advanced Social Monitoring Resources 201
  • Lesson 10 – Locating People & Information on Fitness Community Platforms 201
  • Lesson 11 – Locating People & Information on Dating Sites 201
  • Lesson 12 – SMRI Advanced Techniques Summary & Quiz
  • Lesson 13 – SMRI Exam Resources
  • Lesson 14 – SMRI Final Exam

So now that you know what to expect, what are you waiting for? Start your journey as a Social Media Research Investigator today and develop your knowledge and skills just like the pros do.