Discover How To Find Social Media Profiles And Activity On Anyone Online!

Want to learn more about a person and who they really are?  Use social media to research a person online

Have you met someone online and interested to know more about them?  Or maybe your spouse or partner is acting suspicious and you feel they may have another "life" you don't know about.

Perhaps you are wanting to develop new skills ​that can help you obtain a job in online intelligence or investigations. 

These are just a few examples of why you may want to research a person online.  Do your own research and find the truth about someone first, instead of finding out later they are not who they say they are.

​Today, almost everyone is engaged socially online and leaving behind their "digital footprint".  They are sharing personal updates about their daily activities, hobbies and interests, relationships and connections, and even placed they have visited.  Much of this information is open for the World to see, but sometimes individuals will use "aliases" online to hide questionable activities or secret communications.

No matter if you are doing a background check on someone for personal reasons or legal reasons, you will need the skills and knowledge to do it right.  This is your chance to learn from expert investigators on how to use social media to research a person.

Introducing the GII Academy!

With the introduction of our first certification course, Social Media Research Investigator (SMRI), you will learn how to leverage social media platforms and other online resources to collect intelligence on your person of interest, using the latest techniques and methods available.

What does the Social Media Research Investigator course include?

This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Social Media Research, as well as advanced search techniques.  If you are just getting started in this field of work, or looking to refresh your existing skills, this course is for you.

The course consists of 2 modules and includes over 2 hours of video lessons that you can access 24/7.  Here are some of the topics that are covered.

Module 1 - Social Media Research Fundamentals

    • Lesson 1 – Course Overview and Introduction
    • Lesson 2 – Facebook Fundamentals 101
    • Lesson 3 – Twitter Fundamentals 101
    • Lesson 4 – Google Plus Fundamentals 101
    • Lesson 5 – YouTube Fundamentals 101
    • Lesson 6 – LinkedIn Fundamentals 101
    • Lesson 7 – Pinterest Fundamentals 101
    • Lesson 8 – Instagram Fundamentals 101
    • Lesson 9 – Tumblr Fundamentals 101
    • Lesson 10 – Social Community Platforms 101
    • Lesson 11 – Fitness Community Platforms 101
    • Lesson 12 – Dating Sites 101
    • Lesson 13 – Legal and Ethical Information
    • Lesson 14 – SMRI Fundamentals Review & Quiz

Module 2 - Social Media Research Advanced Techniques

    • Lesson 1 – Social Media Research Advanced Techniques Overview
    • Lesson 2 – Advanced Search Techniques on Facebook 201
    • Lesson 3 – Advanced Search Techniques on Twitter 201
    • Lesson 4 – Advanced Search Techniques on YouTube 201
    • Lesson 5 – Advanced Search Techniques on Instagram 201
    • Lesson 6 – Advanced Search Techniques on Google 201
    • Lesson 7 – Open Source Intelligence 201
    • Lesson 8 – Additional Search Engines 201
    • Lesson 9 – Advanced Social Monitoring Resources 201
    • Lesson 10 – Locating People & Information on Fitness Community Platforms 201
    • Lesson 11 – Locating People & Information on Dating Sites 201
    • Lesson 12 – SMRI Advanced Techniques Summary & Quiz
    • Lesson 13 – SMRI Exam Resources
    • Lesson 14 – SMRI Final Exam

Take the next step now so you can use social media to research a person online and find the information you need.

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